Motivation… or a lack of

Why are some people so successful, and others less so? Is it because of the paths that we choose to follow, or are pushed onto, rather than making our own paths?

Motivation is one of the biggest factors for me in affiliate marketing (and entrepreneurship in general), and finding it is something that I find difficult. Sure, the thoughts of earning enough money to buy my dream Ferrari 430 whilst working from home and getting time to enjoy life are very appealing (most of us want at least the freedom in life don’t we?), but getting there is another thing entirely.

Can’t see the wood for the trees

One of the biggest issues that I am finding is that without being able to see results, I find it hard to be motivated to continue working on a site, yet continuing until the first few sales roll in is what I should be doing. This is what I feel is one of the biggest stumbling blocks within affiliate marketing, not just for me, but for everyone who tries. Those who succeed make it past this, and those who fail, obviously never do.

Too many projects, too little time

Another issue that causes a lack of motivation, is actually having too many ideas. Everywhere you turn there are things that provide inspiration. Even seeing other affiliates being successful is an inspiration, and a source of ideas. Unfortunately though, as good as the ideas may seem, it is counter-intuitive and actually causes a lack of motivation by spreading myself too thin, and nothing gets done!


Well, where can we start? Facebook, twitter, this site, reading other blogs… They’re all distractions that are stopping me from actually making headway with my site(s). But without them, I wouldn’t know what I do. Is that a good thing though?

Building motivation?

How can I build motivation? I’m really at the point now, where I should be earning a good income, but I just can’t get started. I think the biggest factor to building motivation would be to see some form of success. The sale of my most generic domain name recently motivated me, for a few days at least, but it soon died down again. I think I would have felt the same had I earnt just 10% of what I did, so it’s certiainly not a numbers thing.

How do you guys and girls cope with keeping yourself motivated?

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