First Atomic Niche Site

A couple of years ago, I purchased from a private seller, for a fee that was more than I’ve ever earnt from affiliate marketing, and I had no way of guaranteeing that I’d make a return on investment, other than a very strong gut feeling.

I’d always planned to develop the site and turn it into a complete paving resource, but then I decided that I would probably get a quicker return by selling the domain. In all honesty, I really didn’t have a clue about how to ¬†develop it, looking at WordPress themes, both premium and custom developed, Joomla, and even custom development. The biggest problem that I faced was that I couldn’t get down on paper exactly what I wanted, which meant I never got around to it.

Eventually I learnt about StoreBurst, and used that to set up an affiliate store. Initially, earnings were poor, around ¬£15-30 a month, but then they rose to a nice healthy 3 figures. Unfortunately, agressive spammy link building put pay to that, and finally a buyer came along and offered me an amount of money for it that I couldn’t turn down.

Based on the success, I’ve decided to try and replicate it again, using the most successful merchant from my experience with the site. I’ve purchased (at nominet rates too!) as my new paving slabs domain, so hopefully that will bring in just a little extra each month towards my target.

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