A new small niche site

Maybe I shouldn’t be posting about my affiliate sites here, or maybe I should, I’m not sure. Either way, I’m going to (at least until things start taking off haha!)

My newest mini-affiliate site is an Anfield tours website, showcasing the different kinds of anfield tours that you can go on. Having outsourced the content, used a theme from Themeforest, and then put it all together, it’s finally been time to get it out into the real world. I’m a Liverpool fan (not a big one, but a fan nonetheless), so it’s a site that relates to something I enjoy, which is hopefully what is going to make a difference.

I’ve been trying to link-build, but ultimately so far it’s just resulted in being ignored (my last post explains this – perhaps?). I’ve had a couple of articles accepted by sites, so it’s just a wait and see game really. A friend has also suggested I could guest-post for his gift site, so that will be something I’ll need to look into.

Ultimately, the real reason for writing this post was to see if it would give Google’s indexing a kick up the bum! Time will tell!

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